Customer: FireEye

Project: PartnerTV supporting B2B sales enablement

Inspiring and informing partners

Strong communication is at the heart of all trusted relationships and never more so than when collaborating with channel partners. FireEye works hard to win the hearts and minds of its channel sales teams and make sure that the communication they deliver is inspiring and informative.

We’re working with the channel marketing team at FireEye to devise the communications assets that they share with their channel sales teams. These assets keep them informed about customer issues and challenges, and equip them to have productive conversations that will lead to a sale. As part of the communications package we deliver:

  • Articles and social posts for nurturing conversations with customers.
  • A playbook giving partner sales all the information they need to position the solutions and overcome objections.
  • A ‘Business TV‘-style video with interviews and solution explainers, delivered with high-quality production values.

The assets are made available through the FireEye partner portal and both the takeup statistics and anecdotal evidence point to the success of the approach.