Thought Leadership White Paper


When it comes to thought leadership, there can be quite a lot to say; more than you can get in a 280-character tweet, that’s for sure. So when Oracle invited us to work on a new white paper about application development in the cloud, we were delighted to give this workhorse of content marketing our attention.

To help bring a new perspective to the debate we interviewed a number of market experts, gathering  their thoughts and observations. We then sat down, with the Oracle team, to agree the best approach for the narrative we wanted to tell.

Our primary aim was to create a useful and accessible document for Oracle’s senior audience, explaining the business benefits of different approaches to application development. It shouldn’t gloss over the vocabulary but nor should it assume an in-depth understanding of all the technicalities.

Getting to grips with this kind of complex proposition is something we’re great at, after all we’re immersed in the world of tech every day. Take a look at the final result to see for yourself.

Gone is the stuffy, academic dryness you may once have associated with the term whitepaper. We’ve borrowed from the lighter styling and click-ability of ebooks, without sacrificing the substantial nature of the conversation that Oracle wanted to have with decision-makers.