Sales enablement

  • Introduction

    Without revenue, no commercial organisation would survive. So it’s no surprise when you tell us that a core objective is to help your sales teams and channels open more doors and close more deals.

    In these days of content marketing the job of the sales teams is tough. The customer comes to the table well informed, thanks to all the information that’s out there. Now the sales guy has to earn trust and demonstrate the value that they add to the process. How can you equip them to do just that?

  • Driving performance

    Sales Enablement

    There are four strands to the support we can deliver your direct and channel sales teams:

    • Coaching — talking to your top performers to discover what they do differently and sharing these best practices with the rest of the team
    • Playbooks – creating materials that inform and educate sales, helping them prepare for interactions with customers and prospects
    • Reasons to call – helping your sales teams to find a reason to pick up the phone and harness social media to get a conversation rolling
    • Sales support — materials to support the sales engagement, including presentations, leave-behind collateral and getting that tender response nailed
  • More about our experience

    We’ll help you find the heroes in your business and share their stories to inspire and motivate others.

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    Opening the door is just the first step. The professional presentation material and sales collateral we create helps your sales people seal the deal.