Telling customer stories for Colt

Whilst we spend a lot of time working to our programme formats – white screen / virtual studio etc – sometimes it’s nice to give the team something different to get their teeth into.

As we say so often, starting with a clean sheet of paper when it comes to video, is one of the hardest things you can do. I was reluctant to take this on at first (as our lovely client will tell you!) however she persuaded me it was doable.

After a LOT of research, a lot of ‘cutting room floor activity’ and a lot of opinion from both our side and the client’s, we delivered what I now consider to be a very stylish piece, telling a customer story in a very different way. Personally, I do feel it’s 30 seconds too long and I would have shortened the script, given the choice,  however agency life is about compromise!

I’d like to congratulate our client for getting this pushed through the business and I’d like to thank my team for doing such a great job and being so patient.

See what you think…

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