Business TV

  • Introduction

    It’s getting harder and harder to get your message noticed by prospects, customers, partners and even employees. Why? Because people are busy and there’s a lot competing for their attention.

    We’ve been helping customers to up their game and create truly engaging content. It’s the perfect remedy to tired talking heads or that lack-lustre newsletter. We call it Business TV.

    We bring slick production values and all the energy of the newsroom to create a topical digest of content that’s as entertaining as it is informative. Of course you can apply this approach to a one-off video but it truly comes into its own as a regular programme.

  • our experience

    We interviewed Fujitsu and VMware executives via remote links to feature in this thought-leadership webinar, the first in a series


  • How does it work?

    We work with organisations to deliver regular messages, both internally and externally.

    We help them decide what they want to say, we produce a branded virtual studio, we agree filming dates and we then present their messages according to a supplied script.

    We then set up our green screen studio on their premises and interview colleagues or customers on their premises OR we invite guests into our green screen studio in Berkshire, UK to be interviewed and filmed.

  • Types of programme

    With over 100 interviews under our belts now, we conduct one on one sessions as well as three-way sessions and often arrange multiple interviews in a single day for economies of scale.

    i) Face to face executive interviews

    ii) Partner and customer interviews

    iii) Remote interviews, using Skype video

  • Keep it short!

    Our Business TV videos are short – sub-5 minutes normally. Sometimes there’s a longer edit too for those interested in a little more detail. It’s vital you keep the content linked to the audience’s requirements.

  • Adapting your brand for on-screen

    We also do a rather nice job of the branding which would surround your Business TV series – we take your logo and do really nice things with it, whilst being aware of corporate brand guidelines.

More example productions: