Customer: WiNAiM

Project: Messaging: UK healthcare

Develop your marketing materials with confidence

WiNAiM had successfully trialled its new healthcare product at a UK hospital trust and were ready to market it more widely. Because both the company and the product were new to UK healthcare, they knew they needed to get the message exactly right for three distinct healthcare decision-making roles.

We held a half-day workshop with WiNAiM’s commercial director and business development director to understand the drivers and challenges of the three target roles and why the WiNAiM product was an ideal answer in each case.

The clearly structured messaging platform we developed gave WiNAiM the confidence to develop marketing materials with different agencies, knowing that their message would be consistently and strongly conveyed by marketers, telemarketers and writers using the same messaging platform.

Carey and her team were very engaging from the start, helping us to distil our propositions and messaging into really effective vehicles for connecting to our customers.

Director, WiNAiM