Customer: RSA (EMC)

Project: Messaging: ‘campaign in a box’

Putting messaging at the heart of campaigns

When RSA launches a new solution, getting the proposition and messaging right is a top priority. It’s that essential ingredient that underpins the ability to scale marketing campaigns and make sure success is repeatable, region by region — even when allowing adaptation for local cultures and conditions.

Through interviews and net conferences, we challenge accepted wisdom and ask the ‘why’ question to dig deep and get to the core of what will create the impetus for a prospect to become a customer.

The straightforward PowerPoint template we’ve honed over successive campaigns is popular and easy to work with. Its content feeds the creation of sales enablement materials and campaign assets for lead generation. New business is closed and revenue targets exceeded, thanks to this approach.

HN Marketing challenges our thinking — and they’re often right!

Global Programme Manager, RSA