Interactive Campaign Content


It’s a constant fight to get and keep the attention of your target audience, so Mastek was keen to consider an interactive form of content when planning a lead-generation campaign for its software testing services.

Once we understood the service proposition and the objective of the campaign, we proposed a campaign flow and set of supporting assets. Because Mastek’s proposition was fundamentally about the measurable benefits — in time, cost, and quality — that their approach delivers, one of our recommendations that resonated with them was for a time-saving calculator.

With great support from Mastek’s testing experts, in just 2 weeks we developed a concept for a calculator that told the user how many days of effort Mastek could save them, given their existing testing setup. While there was a good deal of complex logic and calculation in the back end, we made sure it was easy to use and clear in intent for the target audience. As a result, Mastek was able to engage with targets and capture insights for sales to follow up on.

See the calculator here .