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Sales Collateral

TJW Contract Solutions

Buyer personas are incredibly valuable when creating content. The two pieces of sales collateral that we produced for umbrella payroll company, TJW Contract Solutions, provide a textbook example of how to use them effectively.

For TJW, business success hinges on recruitment agencies pointing contractors in their direction. Tasked with increasing these referrals, we knew an effective solution had to fight on two fronts. Firstly, it needed to convince recruitment agency directors to grant TJW a place on their preferred suppliers list (PSL). Secondly, it needed to encourage recruitment consultants to recommend TJW, ahead of their competitors.

As two distinct audiences were involved in the referral process, we created separate documents to tackle them. For the senior directors, we made the business case for placing TJW on the PSL, addressing their goals of achieving growth targets, with reference to their key pain points: compliance and efficiency.

For the recruitment consultant we changed approach, focusing instead on how TJW’s proactive, reliable service would free up their time, allowing them to better achieve their goal of maximising commission.

It’s too early to tell just how successful these handouts have been, but for now, TJW are pleased to have had our help in clearly contextualising their value proposition, for their different audiences.

Sales Collateral - TJW