Customer: ANT Telecom

Project: Webinar script and campaign

Engaging your audience

Webinars are pretty hot assets right now. If they aren’t at the heart of your content marketing strategy, now’s the time to rethink your plan – webinars are considered by technology marketers to be one of the most effective tactics they use, according to the CMI 2014 Report. So we were delighted when ANT Telecom told us they’d like to use a webinar to reach out to their production-environment audience.

Webinars are naturally aligned with lead generation and nurturing objectives, so we got straight to work talking to ANT’s product marketing team and using our knowhow to quickly get to grips with ANT’s proposition. We created a storyboard of the key messages we wanted to get across, and made sure that everyone was on board before developing the content in line with ANT’s objectives for the webinar. We also suggested to ANT that we talk to some customers to capture and use their stories, giving the webinar audience an opportunity to learn from their peers.

With a solid, relevant and engaging story crafted, the only thing left to do was to promote the socks off the webinar. We drummed up interest using advertising, eDM and social media, and encouraged ANT’s salespeople to spread the word too (giving them a great excuse to touch base with their network).

On the day, the combination of slideware and audio made the webinar a successful and engaging event. Combined with our promotion efforts, the webinar sparked a lot of interest in ANT Telecom, feeding valuable leads into their sales funnel that will keep them busy until they rerun the event in the New Year. ANT also has the option to offer a transcript or canned version to those who couldn’t make the real-time event, giving them maximum value for money.