Extending your video content’s lifespan

You have just uploaded your awesome new video to your website and the MD has given you a pat on the back! Now what? If this question seems all too familiar,  our simple guide on expanding the life of your video content should help:

  1. Upload your video, tweet about it, and share it on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  2. Repeat those postings using a different strapline — retweeting your video multiple times keeps it at the top of your followers’ feeds without it feeling stale.
  3. Embed your video in multiple posts. Whenever you tackle a similar subject, re-embed the video, or at least link back to it. This will improve the stickiness of your blog and will extend dwell time — the time people spend looking at your content.
  4. Share your video via “reasons to talk” emails with your own contacts and prospects, and give your sales team a powerful conversation-starter.
  5. Extend your video’s reach by storing it on your YouTube channel — repurposing content is another great way to extend its shelf life.
  6. Re-edit, or even chop up, videos to make new content.
  7. Refresh your video by adding new introductions, graphics, voiceovers, incidental music and even new calls to action.
  8. Expand your target market by dubbing your content into another language, adding subtitles or including market-specific offers.
  9. Use the videos as excerpts in other videos to show how far your brand has come, like the Fairy Liquid TV adverts which show the brand’s evolution through the ages.

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