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4 ways anonymous case studies work for you

Does a case study still work if you can’t name the customer? Some people, would say no. At best, they say, the story feels bland; at worst, people might think you’ve simply made it up if you can’t name names. At HN, we take a broader view on the value of customer stories. The confusion […]

Stretching your video budget further

Everyone is under pressure to do things better, cheaper, faster these days. It’s no exception here in agency land and we continually look for ways to improve our processes and deliver more value for our client’s money. When it comes to video — customer stories in particular — this means getting the most out of […]

INFOGRAPHIC: If IKEA did content strategy…

Last year, IKEA celebrated its 25 years in the UK. It’s changed the face of furniture buying on a global scale and we think its phenomenal success is down to its customer-centric approach. It even opened in-store restaurants because its shoppers were hungry! While we pondered some awesome IKEA stats we also wondered what it’d […]

Content marketing: the Jedi Master approach

It’s time you told a Star Wars story. And by that, I mean you need to take your prospects along a content marketing version of the mythic hero’s journey: The prospect starts off in the ordinary world The call to adventure is an unsolved problem or unfulfilled desire There’s resistance to solving that problem, until… […]