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Mobilising content

While we are crafting the beautiful content that will keep your customers enthralled, we never lose sight of the mechanisms that will carry that content to their eyes and ears. Of course we have Marshall McLuhan’s theory to illustrate that the medium has a significant impact on how the message is perceived. And, in the […]

Persona by any other name

This little piece of vocabulary is taking on a whole new significance as many of our clients are exploring the idea of content marketing and building out their strategy. It’s not a new idea of course, especially in publishing where the readership of a magazine or newspaper is well understood. Pick up the Guardian or […]

The persuaders

Have you noticed how you find certain people convincing without feeling sold to? How you find yourself nodding and weighing their view and finding yourself in agreement with hardly any effort at all? The art of persuasion isn’t such a mystery with even the ancient Greeks proffering a theory or two. Here are a few […]

Spotting the good stuff: the role of the copywriter

Before they call us in, some of our clients are in the habit of briefing a creative team to come up with a concept. They’ve seen visuals and have selected a front cover; a dps layout and a couple of variants; a set of beautifully shot images. It looks the bee’s knees and right on […]

What is copywriting?

A definition that I have liked for a while now and endorsed by Roger Horberry in his interesting book ‘Brilliant Copywriting’ is that it is salesmanship in print. This is a quote from the illustrious adman John E Kennedy. We’ve long chattered on about words that sell, but what about those that persuade and incite […]

Now for the clever bit… the storytellers’ art

I have a friend who is in movies, at least that’s how I like to introduce her hoping it boosts my street cred. The reality is not as glamorous as that first might sound as she doesn’t get to hobnob with the stars or go to many opening-night parties. This Cinderella spends a lot of […]

Why? The most valuable word in social media

Don’t get me wrong. I can see the worth of social media sites, like Facebook and LinkedIn, as much as the next man. I get that you have to get involved or risk missing out. For example, when having lunch with a girlfriend last week I could sympathise with her situation: she was miffed at […]

The role of the CIO: has it really changed?

May you live in interesting times. Who said that? Apparently the jury is still out as to whether it is an old Chinese curse or something more modern. Regardless of its origins it can have no better application than to the role of the CIO in the information age. Often the target of the communications […]