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Size matters

I had an interesting meeting with a new client today. We often try and convince clients to try different approaches to engage their prospects and customers more. This client beat me to it. From the off they said that they wanted to tell a story to enthral the reader. There was a time when whitepapers […]

Finding the ideal match

Finding the right agency is a lot like online dating. First off, expressing who you are and what you are looking for in a couple of hundred words isn’t easy. 5’8” and slightly chubby is simple enough, but are you adventurous? I’m more adventurous than Auntie Margaret, but not nearly as daring as Wild Sarah, […]

A new game

A friend was recounting tales from a recent team-building course—you know the kind of thing where there’s construction of some mode of transport, usually to cross water, and biscuits available with every round of coffee. One of the early exercises was to pass a ball around the team such that every hand touched it. That […]