Customer: RSA (EMC)

Project: Email marketing: compliance campaign

Doing more than just jumping on the bandwagon

Compliance is a bandwagon that most IT companies have jumped on. But for data security company RSA, part of EMC, its core solutions really do have a strong message for businesses facing tighter regulations.

As part of an ongoing series of activities around compliance, HN produced two eshots: one focused on merchants having to comply with PCI DSS, and the other targeting telcos needing to answer the EU Data Retention Directive.

Starting with the customer need, we pulled together source material and developed the proposition for the campaign, producing final copy and imagery in line with RSA’s templates and brand guidelines. The eshots were localised and rolled out across EMEA.

Each new RSA campaign requires HN Marketing to create something from nothing. That’s a hard thing to do, but they consistently do it very well indeed.

Global program manager, RSA