Customer: Xerox

Project: Content for digital transformation campaign

Breaking the mould for ‘white paper’ content

As large enterprises deal with digital transformation, Xerox is often at the heart of their strategies for using less paper. But not everyone is aware of the company’s credentials in digitising and automating document-centric workflows. So for much of a year, Xerox ran a campaign (using both outbound and inbound channels) to raise awareness and interest. Needing a solid set of content assets to underpin the campaign, Xerox turned to HN.

Through a variety of case-study formats (video, infographic, ebook, 2-pager), a research report on the digital enterprise, and a strategic paper on workflow automation, we told a range of stories about approaches to digital transformation and the work of Xerox in the space.

The research report and strategic paper were the flagship pieces of the campaign, and a particular treat to work on. Xerox was keen to prove that research results and conceptual material could be conveyed through a human voice and in a copy-light ebook format. So that’s what we delivered. Both assets generated a lot of social activity and the report garnered more than 100 items of press coverage. Both were also used to inform the content delivered by Xerox at the IDC Pan-European Executive Digital Summit, and to support a series of executive dinners.