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4 ways anonymous case studies work for you

Does a case study still work if you can’t name the customer? Some people, would say no. At best, they say, the story feels bland; at worst, people might think you’ve simply made it up if you can’t name names. At HN, we take a broader view on the value of customer stories. The confusion […]

Five ways to make your presentation go further

Here’s two quick questions: 1: How long does it take you to create a presentation from scratch? 2: How many times does that presentation get used? In my experience it can take a good few hours — if not days — to get the message right for a new presentation (and that’s before I’ve started […]

Shades of grey — gleaning customer insight from multiple sources

In our previous two posts we discussed learning-based (quantitative) and validation-based (qualitative) models for acquiring customer insight. But we shouldn’t forget that insight can also be derived from existing sources of customer intelligence within the organisation. However, gaining full value from those sources generally brings its own set of challenges for the marketing team. Firstly, […]